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Hard-baked Eggs

I have never been a fan of hard-boiled eggs. It seems I couldn’t get the recipe quite right often overcooking them or peeling the whites clean off the yolks. I have always hated the green yolks and almost icky flavor. The kids will often refuse to eat their yolks. So I have avoided them for the most part. But on an egg farm that feels like a waste because we all LOVE Angeled Eggs*.

So browsing the web I found references to a new hard-boiled egg recipe. I wasn’t too enthused until I read more. They are baked! Awesome! That is a better fit for my cooking style. I wanted to try it immediately.

I took some fresh laid eggs. We all know how hard they are to peel when hard-boiled! After cooking we peeled them while still a bit warm as we were hungry. It was no trouble. They were not green on the yolks or rubbery whites. As a matter of fact they were tender and had excellent flavor – different than any hard-boiled egg I had ever eaten! We ate beautiful Angeled Eggs for lunch that day. Fast, easy, almost effortless lunch. Love that. I also find it convenient to pop them in the oven just before I shower. Wha-la! They are nearly effortless breakfast, too!

If we are making a large number of eggs in our little apartment stove we find the top shelf cooks faster than the bottom shelf. We have had some runny white eggs. You may need to experiment with times and temperatures for your oven.

Let me know how it works for you.

Hard-baked Eggs

Place eggs on oven proof surface with a lip to prevent rolling off (cake pan, broiler pan, muffin tin).
Bake 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
Chill in ice water.
Peel and serve.

*Side note: we renamed Deviled Eggs since they are no longer bad for you. Good vitamins, good cholesterol, good omega 3 fatty acids equals good-for-you eggs.

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