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Fast, Easy Fruit Ice Cream

We LOVE ice cream at our house. It is such a simple quick snack. We try to keep it in the freezer at all times. It is full of fat and therefore, fat soluble vitamins! I am encouraged by foods that foods that taste good, are good for you and we love to eat. So when my son (who desperately needs fats) wants to eat ice cream for breakfast, I can enthusiastically answer, “great idea” and mean it.

However, I am not really much of a cook, chef, baker or a preparer. I am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal. So planning ahead hasn’t traditionally been a strong suit of mine. We stumbled across this recipe because I was trying to take a shortcut, again. The results were so amazing I can share them (not all my shortcuts are). Additionally, we found that it will freeze well in half pint jars which are just right for individual servings. Once we get started we make several flavors so we can pick what we are in the mood to eat. Last month, we were able to serve this for our son’s birthday party and it was a bit hit.

I have been telling everyone about this recipe because it is so easy, adaptable, yummy and good for you. So please let me know what you think and how you adapt it. I am already thinking that a red, white and blue theme would be fun! I might work on that today!

Easy, Fast Fruit Ice Cream

  • 2 cups frozen fruit (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, cherry, blueberry, etc)
  • 1 frozen banana (optional, Helps keep the consistency just right but will work without it if your processor isn’t up to the job.)
  • 1 cup cream
  • 1 tsp maple syrup (optional, depends on the tartness of your fruit and the over-ripeness of your banana)

Place the fruit and cream in food processor* until well blended. Serve or place in half pint jars for serving later.

Yes, that is all there is to it. Enjoy!

*I have recently started to use my juicer instead to squish the berry seeds. I like it. But not everyone has a fancy juicer. A power blender may do the job?

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