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Reserve Fresh Chicken for Fall

It is time to reserve chickens for those who want to pick it up fresh and SAVE. There is a 30 cents per pound savings when you pick up fresh. You can save an additional 10 cents per pound if you get 25 or more chickens. That really adds up!

We can see already we will sell out of chicken this winter so I encourage you to get yours in the freezer.

There is a $3 per chicken deposit to reserve your chicken. You can sign up for the dates you want at

Our online ordering system is up and running. It is still a bit glitchy. I have a lot to learn yet. So I thank you for your patience.

What is it like?
The chickens will be on ice clean, plucked, etc. ready for your freezer. Usually, customers help with bagging and weighing when they are here.

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