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Not everyone can have a store in their home. We have offered to carry the products of the farmers in our area to broaden their marketing options and customer base. We want to see them succeed! Let’s show our support for the farmers and producers in our area.

You can purchase items from each of these farmers and producers by contacting them directly or through our store.

Grassfed Beef — Janzow Farm  (573) 450-1922
Grassfed Beef — Dogwood Farm (270) 224-2993
Pastured Pork — Viox Farms (573) 543-5290
Pastured Turkey — Farrar Out Farm  (573) 579-9550
Raw Honey — Mo’ Honey  (573) 243-6568
Sprouted Grain Breads — Juan & Tammy’s  (573) 335-6808
Healthy Cookies — Juan & Tammy’s  (573) 335-6808
Organic Rice, Popcorn — McKaskle Family Farm (573) 757-6653
Grassfed Cheese — Rockome Garden Foods (217) 268-4107
Sorghum, Mustard — Sandhill Farm (660) 883-5543
Goat Milk Soap — Patchwork Farm  (573) 238-2143
Real Soap — Soap Architects  (573) 243-1162

We have more producers we are talking with and hope to carry their items in the future. If there is a farm or producer you have in mind, let them or us know.  We are happy to offer a place for them to sell their products.  Obviously, we value grassfed over grain and pesticide free over sprayed. We are going for optimal health and nutrition.

Some ask why would we try to build up the businesses that are not our own?

To be quite honest, we want them to succeed.

Imagine if there are 1000 diversified farms and home cottage businesses within 50 miles of Cape Girardeau. We could all buy from each other the items we need, barter a years worth of chicken for a dining set or eggs for haircuts. Imagine buying your clothes from the cotton growers south of town who now specialize in making t-shirts and sweatshirts for all the local businesses. Perhaps the doctor would be bartering his medical knowledge and care for a remodel job on his house.

Here are my thoughts:

If I buy my honey from Mo’ Honey perhaps Grant Gillard will turn around and buy his vegetables from Janzow Farm. Now Julie and Micah have money so they can buy some fresh water prawn from Bill Crites of The Storks. This makes Bill excited because he can run over to his neighbors, the LeGrand’s and Dittmer’s at Franciscan Family Farm and purchase some nice grassfed steaks. Now the two families have some spending money so they take all the kids out to eat omelets and muffins at Lil’ Miss Muffin and Stuff Cafe in Jackson. Palmi Henry and her sister Laura are pleased business has been booming so they call Family Friendly Farm and order more eggs for next week. I think you get the picture.

What if Wal-Mart moved out of Cape County because they just don’t get enough business?

We bring you this page listing some items we carry from other local farms.  We ask you to support them with your food dollars.  These small farmers care about you.  They work hard day in and day out. All they ask is fair wage for all their labors for they truly have a passion for a “job well done”.

Let’s work together to make southeast Missouri independent and interdependent.

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