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Raw Milk Diet

It was July 2009. I was so sick I could hardly function.

As a recap, I had got VERY sick and miscarried in 2007. You can read more here on the Journey to Health. We didn’t know the cause. Nothing changed for two years as I continued to have reactions to everything I ate. We discovered a connection to corn. You can read more on Reactions to Corn but it wasn’t enough. There was little hope for recovery but rather a resignation that this was something I would just have to live with. On two occasions during the past two months, I tried to visit my family in MN but could not work up the energy for the drive. I kept thinking if I just rested a bit more, I would have energy. I was sure I’d be going in July. Then it got worse. Matthew got a migraine and the chores needed to be done. For two days Matthew didn’t leave bed. I called the neighbor boys to help me. My adrenaline kicked in and the work got done. It was a pretty hot summer and it was hard on my body. Very hard. But I felt a bit like (cue music) Super Wife (did you hear the music in the background?). As soon as he was feeling better and could do chores again, I started planning my trip to Minnesota. I had just proven how capable I was.

Then I had a seizure.

I was sitting at the table eating when it happened. My left side went numb starting at my toes and working their way up my body. I thought, wild. My foot just went to sleep. Oh, my leg just went to sleep. Oh, no my thigh just. . . I’m going to tip over! I rebalanced myself as I watched my left arm fall limp. Then it was pretty much over. I told Matt the strangest thing had just happened. He was a bit amazed since he was just sitting on the couch across the room and hadn’t noticed anything. Afterward, I finished my snack then looked up seizures online. According to my research, it was a Jacksonian seizure. Not too alarming but I wasn’t going to spend twelve hours in the car driving to MN either.

That was the last straw for Matt. He put me on the Raw Milk Diet.

The formal name of the book published in the early 1900s is the Milk Diet as a Remedy for Disease by Dr. Charles Sanford Porter. We had heard about it but never did the research until we were desperate. We hit the internet and did some downloading and reading.

The basic idea is 4 oz raw milk from grassfed cows every half an hour sipped slowly through a coffee stirrer straw. Full bed rest, sweat baths, more rest, always sipping the milk slowly. I did everything as instructed. Keep in mind, I had been very sick already for two years. Rest was good. The milk seemed to become too cold. My stomach would cramp within a few sips. We tried room temperature; too cold. Warmed up like a baby bottle; perfect. Matt would prepare 5 quarts worth of milk in half pint jars so I could just take out what I needed, put it in the pan to warm then start sipping. We found it best to place one in to warm at the time I got one out to start sipping. I had a few complications, mainly it became difficult for me to digest the fat. We sought some help from a osteopath but they didn’t know enough about the raw milk diet.

It was summer and Matthew didn’t have to teach at the college. He did everything around the house. I stayed in bed resting and sipping for four full weeks. Does it seem like forever to you? Then you aren’t sick enough. I was. During this time I was definitely healing. I could stay awake for longer periods of time. I could think more clearly. I could feel the energy coming back. We moved a table and chair into the room so Darrell and I could do our homeschooling.

Then my daughter’s father died in Minnesota.

I didn’t feel she should have to navigate this alone. I don’t think she had ever been to a funeral yet. How would she know how to plan one? So, we packed up the Suburban for a trip. My stuff (including two weeks worth of milk in pint jars), son Darrell’s stuff, daughter Amanda’s, her husbands, and her son’s stuff. Whew, we were loaded down. Somehow, I managed to drive through the night to southern Iowa where family picked us up and finished the drive. For two weeks, I drank nothing but my jars of milk while we took care of funeral details, cleaned his place up and everything else required. I learned to navigate restaurants with my own food, explaining my needs. It all went fine. I had nearly endless energy. It really was unbelievably amazing!

Life returned a bit to normal.

When we came home I started cooking for the family again. I seemed to have plenty of energy and lots of hope for healing. I continued to add foods in here and there as my confidence built up. Mostly things went well for about two months until I tried to travel again and undid everything. But that is a different story for another day.

In the meantime, know that every time I have gotten too sick I go back to the the Milk Diet. I have done this now many, many times. Without the raw milk we produce and knowing about the milk diet, I would have lost hope long ago.

Don’t give up; there is hope for healing!

We want you to experience the joy of FULL HEALTH. The moral of the story is: If your health is poor and you have lost hope, I encourage you to keep looking for a cure for you. It may just surprise you how close the solution is. If you want to read about the Milk Diet for Remedy for Disease I have included the full text for you below. You can also buy them on our book shelf at Amazon.
Milk Diet as a Remedy for Disease
by Dr. Charles Sanford Porter

Another book was written around the same time by Bernarr MacFadden, a body builder. He implemented it a slightly different way. I also used some of his principles when on the diet.
Miracle of Milk Preface Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6

What was the cost?

I calculate it would be about $383 for one month on milk. That is five quarts of milk a day for thirty days. That was a whole lot less than I spent on doctor visits and all those supplements I threw away.

Why not go to a Doctor and get some help?

I am thinking you are probably wondering why I hadn’t sought “professional” help. I did. Over the years, I contacted some health professionals and naturopaths. I explained that food made me sick, I had taken many foods out and added them in. I hadn’t found the cause. I told them there was a connection to hormones as the reactions are worst just before I cycle. They said you are on the right track. Keep looking. They could offer no explanation or hope. Honestly, they weren’t interested in learning either. I don’t mean to bash doctors. They have their place but it was (and has remained) my principle that if people ask questions I will answer freely as they are interested. If people don’t ask then I try not to burden them. It is my story. I know not all people are interested. I’m ok with that.

Back to the story, I searched the internet high and low. I talked to everyone I knew and a bunch I didn’t. It was painfully, sometimes fearfully obvious I was on my own. So walking forward in faith that God would care for me as He sees fit; I kept going. Learning all I could at each stage. I am still on the journey now…

Please share your thoughts.

I would love to hear from you and your experiences healing on the milk diet.

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  1. Brenda says:

    Hi , i havebeen having fits , i am 65. Struggling big time . Cant eat anything but can drink raw milk , love it . As long as i can get it i am improving. Its not very easy to get it though .

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