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Chickens Week One

Oh, we all just love when the chicks arrive! They are so sweet and adorably cute! It just brings out the motherly instinct in me.

You see, they arrive by mail in a box. Since they have no mother, they need some guidance. We give them their first drinks of water and show them where the food is.

I used to think it was cruel that they go without for the first twenty four hours or so. Then I learned the chick absorbs most of the yolk just before cracking out. This gives them energy for the first couple days while they figure things out.

Once here, they live in small “brooder boxes”. The boxes are thermostatically controlled so the chicks don’t overheat or get too chilled. We always give them warm water and a prewarmed brooder box, as well. They are extremely fragile the first week!

Their floor is covered with wood shavings to absorb their manure. This week, while in the brooder box, they learn where the feed and water is while gaining strength and vigor.


Stay tuned next week for Chicks Week Two.

3 Responses to Chickens Week One

  1. Our layers come from Moyers Hatchery in Pennsylvania and our broilers come from Stover Hatchery in Stover, Mo.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Where do you receive the chicks?

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