Homemade Baby Formula, Liver-based

Not everyone can have milk nor can every baby. This liver-based formula from here mimics the nutrient profile of mother’s milk. It is extremely important to include coconut oil in this formula as it is the only ingredient that provides the special medium-chain saturated fats found in mother’s milk. As with the milk-based formula, all oils should be truly expeller-expressed.


Makes about 36 ounces

2 oz liver, grassfed or organic, cut into pieces
3-3/4 c broth, homemade beef or chicken
¼ c whey, homemade
5 T lactose
1 T coconut oil
1 t bifidobacterium infantis
1 t acerola powder
1 t cod liver oil
1 t sunflower oil
2 t olive oil, extra virgin

Simmer liver gently in broth until the meat is cooked through. Liquefy using a handheld blender or in a food processor.

When the liver broth has cooled, stir in remaining ingredients. Store in a very clean glass or stainless steel container.

To serve, stir formula well and pour 6 to 8 oz in a very clean glass bottle. Attach a clean nipple and set in a pan of simmering water until formula is warm but not hot to the touch, shake well and feed to baby.

*Never heat formula in a microwave oven!

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My husband and I farm a small homestead in southern Missouri. We sell our eggs from pastured hens, chicken raised in the pasture and grassfed milk direct to consumers, grocery stores and restaurants. I love to share our farm with everybody as we learn how the farming methods effect the nutrients in the food and how that can bring about changes in health. It is exciting to learn and I hope we can be beneficial to each other.

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