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Preemie on Homemade Formula

The person who first introduced me to homemade baby formula was our customer, Fleeta Gregory. Her and her husband, Michael were some of our early supporters. At that time they were foster parents, too. I have a deep respect for the research she put into getting good quality ingredients into the homemade baby formula. It was inspiring to me when I was getting ready to make it for my granddaughter.

I appreciate her sharing her experience with us.

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A while back, my husband Michael and I were foster parents.

Brooklynne was a preemie so she had to be checked out periodically by some “preemie or pediatric team” at the 6 month mark at St. Francis Hospital in Cape Girardeau. She was examined by several types of therapists and finally the main female doctor.

Because I thought I might be asked about the homemade formula I was feeding Brooklynne, I brought the recipe. The doctor asked the name of the formula and I just said Dr. Weston Price. She wasn’t familiar with that brand so I handed her the recipe.

You should have seen her face as she looked at it…I think “appalled” is probably the best description.  In a very ugly tone she asked, “What in the world is ascerola?” I explained that it was powdered cherries. I don’t remember her next comments but she was obviously disgusted that I would even think to feed a baby this.

If it weren’t that I believed in it so much, I would have walked out of there completely beaten up and switched to a commercial formula. She let me know she would call me with the test results and the assumption of them being completely disastrous was obvious in her tone and body language.  She totally acted like I was just like an abusive mother.

I can’t remember all that they tested, but there was a whole battery of blood work and other tests that would be run on her.  Later that afternoon, I received the call back from the doctor. This time, her voice was pleasant as she told me Brooklynne’s test results showed she was right where she needed to be but that I should continue to give her the iron liquid supplement.

Boy, what a relief THAT was…since I was concerned she would turn me in to Social Services and tell them to MAKE me feed Brooklynne commercial formula.

Brooklynne came to us looking like an ity bity (her nick name) shriveled up old man and left us a beautiful 8 month old.


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