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Chickens Week Two

The are now two weeks old. They are moved to outdoor “rooms” with Ohio brooders. The “rooms” are in a hoophouse so there is a fair amount of air movements and temperature fluxuation. The Ohio Brooder is a box with light bulbs for heat. The box is up on legs just tall enough for them to run under if they feel chilled.

Here the chicks learn to regulate their own temperature while developing muscle so they will be able to navigate among the grasses. You should see them run around! They are surprisingly fast.

They stay on wood shavings to keep the manure to piling up for becoming stinky. Dry! It is the key to keeping bacteria and offensive odors at bay.

After two weeks time, it is apparent they are ready to move out of this nursery and into the real world. They are so much stronger and hardy; we no longer have to worry about them dying at the drop of a hat. They know shavings don’t taste good and bugs do. They know feeders and waters come in different shapes and sizes and the content is what counts.


This little chick was quite curious to see the camera lens. He got so close I was worried he was going to peck at it.

Stay tuned for more adventures as the chicks move to the great outdoors!

2 Responses to Chickens Week Two

  1. Diane Bayer says:

    Love hearing about the chicks and your other informative articles. Keep them coming!

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