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Quantity Beef and Pork

Want to save some money? You can buy your steaks and roast for ground beef prices! We have can quarter beeves and half hogs all boxed up for you. Ready for your freezer.QUARTER BEEF– a little of everything. Steaks, roasts, spare ribs, ground beef. Approximately, 50% is ground. 100 lb boxes. $5.00/lb so $500 plus tax. We can also arrange a smaller 60 lb box for $5.25/lb or $315 plus tax for tighter budgets.
Rather than a front quarter or a hind quarter we find a generic quarter is more fair. Everyone gets a little of everything.

HALF HOG – a bit of this and that. Chops, steaks, bacon, jowls, spare ribs, sausage, brats, ground pork. Roughly 50% is the ground portion which includes sausage, brats and ground pork. 60 lb boxes. $4.50/lb so $270 plus tax.

Lover of mineral rich bones? Bones are not included in the quarter beef or half hog extra since so many are not interested and others nearly desperate to find them. We just hate to see them go to waste in bottom of someones freezer.

Fan of real fats? Pork fat to make lard can also be purchased separately at the farm. All you need to do is render at home.

Several quarter beef and half hogs are available right now. They only last until we sell out of a few key parts. Bacon goes first. Always.

Call to schedule a pick up. 573-382-3844.

2 Responses to Quantity Beef and Pork

  1. Diane Bayer says:

    Is this grass fed beef and pork?

    • The pastured pork is from Viox Farms and the grassfed beef is from either Viox Farms or Dogwood Farms.

      Also, I encourage you to buy direct from the farmers but we offer the halves and quarters as a service. We know people are so short on time. It is just a convenience since they are coming anyway for milk and eggs.

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