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Chickens Week Three

The chicks are now three weeks old. They are so cute as they scamper about. They know where to go to find food and water. They are curious explorers. Now, they are ready for their next adventure.

This week they move out to pasture where we have movable houses waiting for them. Here they have many more lessons.

Three week old chick checking out the camera.

First, they need to learn to stay away from the dog (their guardian though they don’t know it).

Second, the chicks will learn to navigate walking in the grasses and finding shade.

Third, they need to find their food and water. It will look different.

Fourth, and this is the best. They get to eat grass and bugs! Remember chicks will try nearly everything.

So that is what’s up with the chicks. Stay tuned for future adventures.

Dahlia, the livestock guardian dog, chilling in the shade while guarding chicks.

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