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What? Rice has Gluten?

In late spring 2011, I again had myself on raw milk only as I navigated where my latest corn reaction had come from. As I added foods back in I had a definite reaction to rice.

We went to church one evening. I could hardly pay attention to the service. If I’m honest I doubt I did. We had brought the grandkids with us and Marlea was fussy. While holding her in the back I just couldn’t sign along. My heart was racing. I tried to remember when it started. This morning? Noon? Before dinner? After dinner? What had I eaten? It was a small meal: rice and broccoli. I had broccoli twice that week already. It had to have been the rice!

I honestly, was surprised, even though I had been through so much. I considered rice to be safe. I had already given up so many foods. Surely, I was wrong.

I found The Gluten Free Society. They had a movie I watched describing the amount of gluten in each and every grain. I don’t realize that. Just a month or so prior I had taken out gluten-free oats. I figured the reaction I was having was due to cross contamination from using the same machines to harvest.

Rice has gluten! We had been gluten free for a year and a half but rice was considered safe for people with Celiacs. Nothing I had read in the last year and a half prepared me for that. Rice flour is in every gluten free product I ran across. I even learned how to make it at home to ensure it was corn free. We ate it regularly.

In discussions with others they didn’t feel they or their children react to rice. So it may be safe for some people who are less sensitive.  It took quite a while to notice the reaction in my body so maybe it didn’t used to be there. Possibly, I wasn’t looking for a reaction so I didn’t see it. It is even believable I didn’t see the reaction because I just didn’t want to. I can be very stubborn that way. Hard to say.

Anyway, I got suspicious about the gluten-free oats we had been eating. Can you really get all the gluten out of oats?  Is quinoa safe or does that have gluten too? I gave up the search for convenient grains, we took out ALL grains. Better safe than sorry. I need to get well.

About this time I was able to get the last hidden corn source out of my diet. For four years and a bit, I was damaging my body every day in some way. No more! I was no longer contributing to the damage.

Surely, now I would get better rapidly. But, as I learned over time, not doing damage is not synonymous with healing. But that is a story for another day.

I encourage you to start on a journey of health. Your stories will be different than mine. It is hard. As far as I can see there is no quick fix for me. I am a different person as a result. My paradigm has changed.  I am more compassionate of others who are suffering. I see many customers and I wonder what I could do to help them on their journey. So I started by sharing my story…

I’d love to hear from you as you learn what is holding you back from optimal health.

4 Responses to What? Rice has Gluten?

  1. Rachel, you might be interested in the info found on this brilliant man’s site:

    His name is Mark Sisson and he is one of the leaders of the paleo/primal movement. Bascially, if we can control insulin, we can prevent obesity, cancer, heart disease, and all the other things caused by inflammation from eating things that raise insulin levels. It’s all about insulin. 🙂

    I have been eating this way for the past year and my life has completely changed.


    • I am familiar with the paleo diet. I haven’t studied it as much as I have WAPF or GAPS though. I plan to learn more in the coming months as I have time.

      I will be moderating discussions at an upcoming showing of the movie Fathead. He presents interesting ideas about insulin in a way I hadn’t considered before. Yes, it is important stuff.

  2. Stacy Gleason says:

    I understand you’ve lived this and done a great deal of research. If you haven’t come across SCD-Specific Carbohydrate Diet, this may add another piece to the puzzle. Check out the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall and the website as good starting points to learn about SCD. Thank you for sharing your story and your family’s farm. Peace. Stacy

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