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Adding to the Flock

Laying hens in eggmobile.

Each year we try to guess/estimate/forecast how many hens we will be needing.

It takes 5-6 months for a hen to be laying regularly so we really are just trying to predict the future of how many new customers will find us, how many eggs the grocery stores will need, how many hens will be culled, how many will hop the fence and get scarfed up by predators, you get the picture.

This year we were way off! Many of you have noticed us running of of eggs in the store, the grocery stores being shorted regularly, etc. But all that will change now.

A colleague of our is getting out of the business. He called us to see if we would be interested in a few more hens. His timing was perfect so we thank God for that.

Matt drove to pick the extra hens up on Saturday evening. He got home at 3:15 am, just in time to unload them and get ready for milking. Needless to say, he slept most of Sunday but it was a happy sleep knowing he will have enough eggs for everybody now.

Now the new hens need to learn where the food, water, and nest boxes are. They also need acclimate to new livestock guardian dogs.

And to make it all more fun, he threw in two roosters. Darrell thinks that is the best thing of all.

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