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Fermented Cod Liver Oil can do THAT?

It was just a few years back when our customer, Jeri told me about Dr. Weston A Price. She had just come back from a national conference and had so much to share.

I don’t think I am alone in being skeptical when presented something new. It was true here, too. She told me about buying his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and even gave me a copy. It was some time (maybe even a year I’m a bit embarrassed to admit) before realizing the implication of what his research meant to my health.

At the same time she introduced me to the Gut And Psychology Syndrome diet (GAPS diet). Very interesting but again, it didn’t apply to me (or so I thought initially). When I did take the time to study it I found it overwhelming. So it got pushed to the back burner.

At some point in time I started putting two and two together. If getting traditional foods made people well then maybe it food could have an impact on my health and I could get well. It was not an “ah-ha” experience. More like a gradual awareness. A random thought here and there. Food is being used to heal the gut. Behavior can be caused by nutritional deficiencies. People in other cultures don’t even get sick from the stuff we consider “normal”. Their teeth actually fit in their mouth. Cavity free? Hmm. I should read up on this.

The paradigm shift was slight but irreversible.

Nutrition plays a huge role in health. Depletions can be corrected. Healing can occur. I was ready to try it all. But, I was still so tired. I was still reacting to hidden corn sources. But I figure I could start small . . .

Perhaps I could try that fermented cod liver oil. It’s supposed to be so good for you…

My awe for fermented cod liver oil wasn’t immediate. I was skeptical of the taste but needed solutions for my health. I had heard some good things so I thought I would try it. I tried a lot of things not worth recommending so I wasn’t too hopeful.

The first time I ordered liquid. It cost me nearly sixty dollars including shipping for one bottle. I was right about the taste. But the unexpected challenge for me was swallowing it. Once I put the cod liver oil in my mouth I couldn’t swallow it! I wasn’t able to override my tongue. It wouldn’t throw it back so I could swallow. It was the same when I tried coconut oil. Apparently I can’t swallow oil. Who knew?

I didn’t give up. Thankfully, I found the version with butter oil. It was thick enough I could chew it. Darrell and I tried chocolate and cinnamon. We liked both.

Now I could look for health changes in my body. It took about one month for the vitamins to build up in my system. I didn’t really feel different. Then I had my menstrual cycle. It was just mild cramping and a medium flow. Wow! This was unexpected! I have always had intense cramping and a very heavy flow.

So the next question was: Is it reproducible. I took the fermented cod liver oil out of my diet. My cycle again was heavy and painful. Wow; the fermented cod liver oil HAD made a difference! This stuff is AMAZING!

Over the years, I have brought fermented cod liver oil in and out of my diet several times. It takes roughly a month to build up in my system before I notice health benefits. It only takes a few weeks to lose them. Keep in mind each persons body is unique so your results may not be the same. Because of my intestinal damage and inability to absorb I can’t be sure how much of the benefits I am getting and how much just passes through.

Recently, I decided to reduce variables in my diet, I have switched back to the plain oil. Here is how I do it. I pour a glass of milk. I put a teaspoonful of the fermented cod liver oil in my mouth. I don’t try to swallow, just hold. Then, just start drinking the milk. The milk pulls it down. It still tastes like fish but no worse than when I eat fish. I can live with that.

I have often wondered what causes such a wonderful reaction in my body. When our local Weston A Price chapter, SEMO Food Roots wanted to learn more I quickly volunteered to study the fermented cod liver oil and report my findings.

It was just a remarkable thing to learn about. How the fat soluble vitamins work together, how many how deficiency most of us probably are, why the fermented cod liver oil effected my body so strongly. I am out of time to type and there is so much more to share. It will have to be another day.

Know this. The fermented cod liver oil was another turning point for me. It changed my body for the better. I can recommend it.

For those of you who want to learn more, Jeri will be sharing more about Dr. Weston A Price in upcoming posts and Janice will be sharing her experiences with the GAPS diet.

If you haven’t tried fermented cod liver oil yet, we do sell it in the store. I was so discouraged by the prices I now order by the case and pass on the savings. I want to do everything I can to help you in your healing journey.

3 Responses to Fermented Cod Liver Oil can do THAT?

  1. Samantha says:

    Hi Is this a product you still sell? And if so how much? Thank you

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Rachel. Here’s my method that really masks the fishy taste: take some of the oil and hold it like you do. Then drink a little unsweetened tea. I have found that the bitterness of the tea really works to overpower the nasty fish taste. Good luck! 🙂

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