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Local Delivery is Coming Your Way

We finally have a driver arranged for local delivery!  We will start with biweekly deliveries as early as September if there is enough interest. I anticipate this could grow a fair amount so weekly is a good possibility in the future.

There will be a delivery charge to cover the drivers time and gas (it only seems fair). You can look at prices at our online shopping cart. Not everything we carry is available but a whole bunch of it is. It is so convenient because you can pay with credit card online and have it dropped off at your door.

Jars returns are credited to your account as a gift certificate I email to you.

For now, I want to only deliver when your home to meet the driver. As we tweak the system I am envisioning you could leave a cooler outside.

Please help us with our decision making as we work out the details.

Towns we will deliver to

  • Cape Girardeau
  • Fruitland
  • Jackson
  • Scott City
  • Kelso
  • points between!

I imagine the route will be a bit in flux initially but then we will settle on a routine.

The more people we have the more sustainable it will be. Talk to your neighbors, coworkers (perhaps we could drop at your workplace), church members, family, etc.

Please tell us what you think








Please feel free to comment below as well. We love to hear your ideas.

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