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FRESH chicken – limited supply

We only offer fresh (not frozen) chicken on processing days. We are pleased to announce we have 2 days open yet with a fair amount of chicken available and one with a few. If you have not reserved your chickens for the winter yet NOW is the time to do it.

Why would I want fresh chicken?

There are several reasons fresh chicken is desirable.

  1. You can cut it up the way you like.
  2. You have the opportunity to bag it in the right size for your family.
  3. You can do once a month cooking (if you’re into that).
  4. You cook it up right away for supper.
  5. You can $ave money! You save 30 cents per pound when you pick it up at the farm fresh and freeze it yourself.
  6. You can save an additional 10 cents per pound by purchasing 25 chickens at one time. That is one chicken every other week all year long. This discount applies to fresh or frozen chicken.

How do I reserve some chicken?

The following dates have chicken available. Click on the link to go to the shopping cart. You can reserve chicken by placing a $3 deposit per chicken. This will be applied to the sale but will be invalid at the end of the year in the event you don’t show. The 7 pm cut off time is flexible if you make plans with us in advance.

What do I need to know?

Bring a cooler, or two, or three depending on how big they are and how much you ordered.

Often we have ice but sometimes we don’t. Wouldn’t hurt to have some or plan to get some if you have a long drive.

Chickens average 4-5 lbs this season and we provide one bag. You may want sandwich bags for freezing at home.

The chicken will be on ice when you arrive. We will bag it after you get here. If you could help twist tie the bags and weigh them it really speeds things up.

Be generous with your time allotment for coming. You may have to wait for your turn. We wish to offer each of you our full attention and best service. It helps greatly if you are not in a hurry.

If you are not able to come, we need you to call as soon as possible so we can make other arrangements for your chicken and our time.

Can’t work it in your schedule?

We’ve have all had times in our lives when we are busier than we would like. We can certainly understand that. We try to keep an inventory of frozen chicken in the store. You can always get some when you are here. This year looks like the supply is a bit low though; you may want to stock up a bit.

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