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Last Call for Fresh Chicken

With fall well upon us and winter close at hand we are finishing our last few batches of chickens. We do have just a handful left on October 23 and October 30. Please see the shopping cart for more details regarding how many are available. you can also reserve your chickens there. Please note: we do not delivery fresh chicken. It is for on-farm pick up only.

Why stock up?

  1. Lock in price
    We are currently at $3.25/lb frozen. With the drought effecting grain prices our will be soon too. You can lock in at the old price by filling your freezer now.
  2. Save money
    We offer discounts for picking up your chicken fresh. It saves us the time and labor of bagging and freezing. It saves you $0.30 per pound of meat. That adds up when it is a four or five pound chicken.
    Some family’s also utilize the buy 25 at one time to save $0.10 per pound discount as well. That really starts to add up the savings! Maybe even enough for you to justify buying that deep freeze you have always wanted.
  3. Ensure enough supply for your family
    Honestly, we are likely to run out l-o-n-g before May arrives when we start processing chicken again. We only raise chickens when the grass is green to give them the opportunity to live outside and flourish. Once you have been eating fresh farm chicken for a while you won’t want to go back to store bought.


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