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Pain-free Osteoarthritis

We started the dairy several years ago. At the time, Matt was the epitome of health! A robust 30 something. No one then or now would question his vigor or stamina when watching him work or even the speed he regularly would go through his day. Six months or so into milking, he began having trouble with his left knee. Imagine hobbling around with a cane on an unstable knee with excruciating pain walking five miles a day. Matt’s experience with osteoarthritis nearly had us quit farming. Until we stumbled on a natural solution. It started with torn ligaments in his knee (ACL & MCL) playing high school football many years ago. There was reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation but he was young and recovered quickly. All was well until mid-2007. He knee at first was a little sore. However, he started noticing he was favoring one leg. Now, he always did favor it a bit anyway but the limp was new. With all the walking on the farm he assume he had twisted it a bit on the uneven ground. As it got progressively worse he became concerned enough to see the orthopedic surgeon. The x-ray came back revealing there was no cartilage to buffer the joints. Every step he took was bone on bone. The surgeon said he needed a total knee replacement but was too young. He told Matt he wouldn’t do it. He informed Matt that every step would increase the pain as the bones worn down until it was just too much pain to handle it. THEN the doctor would do the total knee replacement.

We were a bit shocked. We went home discouraged. How would the farm survive if Matt couldn’t walk? Who would milk the cows and pick up hay? Drive the tractor or move chicken pens? Honestly, the best solution we came up with was we would probably have to quit the farm. We sent our customers a letter that fall explaining we may be quitting. They started praying. No one wanted to lose their farmer!

At the same time the cows finally provided enough milk for all our customers and our family. Matt could drink as much as he wanted. Remarkably, his pain DISAPPEARED! Life continued as normal.

In the winter of 2009 we needed to dry off the cows so they could rest before their next calf was born. As Matt’s milk consumption decreased his pain increased! It stayed until Matt’s for two months until milk supplies were back up again.

Again in the fall of 2011, the farm received many new customers from other dairy’s that closed. Matt didn’t want to turn anyone away so he went to one glass of milk a day. Soon he was relying on the cane for stability and support. Chores took an extra two hours a day! One customer found out and refused to buy anymore unless Matt drank his half gallon a day! “We need you healthy so you can farm”, he said. Matt immediately increased his milk. It took a while but the pain went away again.

Today, Matt walks pain free although he has had no cartilage since 2007! We give the credit to the unpasteurized, unhomogenized, real milk! Praise God for nutritious raw milk! It can heal!

P.S. In a wonderful turn of events, the customer who refused milk until Matt was better took the story to heart. When milk was plentiful again, he increased his milk consumption from five jars of milk in two weeks to ten jars. He came to the store and proudly showed us how well he could move around without achy joints and picked up fifteen jars for the following two week period!

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