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Puppies Arrive

Just one day before Thanksgiving our puppies arrived. Tundra and Flash are the proud parents of four boys and four girls. All healthy and doing well. All of them have the badger markings. Some of them have spots on their rumps. All are adorable.

Sleeping pups

Here you can see the eight pups from Tundra and Flash born November 21, 2012. There are four boys and four girls.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get to know each one a little better. We will need to chose names as well. Feel free to submit your ideas.

They are just one week old in this video. Their eyes are not yet open. They spend their days nursing and sleeping.

If you have been thinking of getting a puppy now is the time to finish your research and decision making. Let me know if I can help you decide if a Great Pyrenees is the right dog for your family or farm.

Just as each person is different so is each puppy. We conduct puppy testing at seven weeks old. Puppy testing allows us some insight into how a puppy will respond as an adult to different circumstances. We answer such questions as:

  • Are they more curious or frightened by new situations?
  • Do they need a strong leader or are they the strong leader?
  • Are they a lover of all people or better suited to a single person?
  • Are they more or less likely to bite if pinched by a child?

These and many, many more questions allow us to find the right dog for the right home. Too often people call us asking us to take their dog since it just isn’t working out for them. They had bought a dog that didn’t suit their situation. They wanted a farm dog but got a dog afraid of the dark. They got a puppy but didn’t realize how large he would get and he had outgrown their apartment. They didn’t realize they needed to train them what to bark for and what to ignore. Yes, they can be trained. 🙂  We work real hard to find just the right dog for just the right situations. Each litter has a range of personalities. It is important to find a good fit.

Pups will be available mid-January. Let me know if you want to be on the list of applicants.


2 Responses to Puppies Arrive

  1. Heather Campbell says:

    are your puppies full blooded and akc registered? if so, how much do you ask for a female puppy? she would be a family pet so it wouldn’t necessarily need to be, just curious.

    thank you,


    • Glad you found us Heather. We do not register our dogs even though some are eligible. We feel that adds unnecessary expense to a dog that will be a companion, homestead or farm dog. We will save that for the show dogs where it makes a difference.

      Cost is $200 per puppy. I know that is a lot. We offer puppy aptitude testing; it allows us to know more about the puppy’s personality so we can match them with just the right companion, family or farm. There is always a bouncy demanding pup who needs hours of attention. You can rest assured we don’t place him with a quiet widower. He would be better off with a large family.

      There is more on our dog pages. Let me know if you have more questions. Feel free to email me directly, too.

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