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What Kind of Dog Owner are You?

As I meet all the people interested in one of our puppies I seem to be categorizing them based on what they are wanting out of a dog. Some want a companion while others a guard dog. Here are the groupings I have so far.

If you are considering getting a Great Pyrenees puppy it is good to consider what kind of dog owner you are.

Likely is single, widowed or married with adult children.
Want indoor/outdoor dogs. In the house at night with them but also works with owner or guards during the day.
Usually lives in country but not always.
Looking for the steady dog who wants to please them and be near them. Often a one person kind of dog.

Have children and want a playmate for them.
Want indoor/outdoor dog that comes in and out with kids all day long.
Looking for the added security and peace of mind of a guard dog with a companion for the kids.
Dog must be tolerant of the “abuse” that children produce such as pinching, bumping, pulling without lashing out. Must be a people pleaser who doesn’t mind someone being in charge.

Has critters and has been or us afraid of losing them to predators.
Wants dog to keep coyotes, raccoons, opossums, owls and hawks from lunching on their pets/livestock.
May also have children and like the idea of the extra set of eyes in the yard.
Not as likely to bring the dog in the home at night since they can’t guard animals from there.
Looking for a dog that can differentiate threats and hold their own, needs to be pretty friendly and enjoy some attention but not too much.

Needs dog to live with herd/flock full time to guard against predation.
Has financial incentive to train dog well.
Will be interacting regularly with dog but not necessarily playing with it throughout the day.
Looking for a dog that will guard its territory, flock or herd. The dog must be independent thinker, not fearful, tolerate inconveniences and love working.

There are always derivations but I hope this generalization has helped you narrow down who you are and what you are looking for.

Next I will be looking at the most frequently asked questions about getting a Great Pyrenees puppy.

2 Responses to What Kind of Dog Owner are You?

  1. Rick and Kathy Hoelzer says:

    We will be looking for a Great Pyrenees pippin in about a year. We are a newly retired couple with several dogs. Our Pyrenees was a rescue from a Dr. that didn’t realize how much shedding, drooling and barking they did. They also did not have a fence. They found him on Craig’s list from a young woman who had him in a apartment and could not keep him. The Dr and his family kept him 2 weeks. My husband was working there and bonded with Jackson so they let us have him.
    We love our Pyrenees. He is all white and ver very gentle dog. He watches over the grandchildren and tries to keep every stray animal or person away from the house. He had just turned 2 when we got him and is now nine.
    Our grandchildren and we would like to get a puppy like Jackson. Mild mannered loves the kids to talk to him and play gently and watches over the weakest member of the family. We also have a couple dozen chicken a few ducks and a small horse. The puppy would be an inside dog but would come in and out throughout the day and always in at night.
    We really like the male dogs and their personality and I would love the pure white. Not necessary but I love it. Can we reserve a puppy this far in advance?
    Are the puppies bread with another bread. I talked to one person and they bread theirs with an Anatole Shepherd to make them more aggressive for guarding. We definitely don’t want that.
    Our grandchildren range from 1 year olds to 12. Jackson stays with them when they are here. He sleeps in front of the bedroom the girls sleep in and lays in front of the door where they play.
    He protects me and stays right by me and the kids when Rick is gone but when Rick gets home he feels free to just be a dog and sleep. I know we will not be able to replace our wonderful dog but we would like to start with a puppy.
    Rick and Kathy Hoelzer- North Jefferson County – Fenton Mailing Address- 1 acre of land.

    • Your dog sounds as lovely as ours. I have loved each ones unique personality. Puppy testing was such a valuable asset to finding good homes to match. I’m sad to tell you, we will not be expecting pups in the future as we have no male now and aren’t looking for one. I wish the Lords blessing on your search. Seems there is a farm that advertises in the Citizens Electric flier each month. I don’t have contact info though.

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