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Another Free eBook – Best of Grain Free Meals

As my health continues to improve I am busy working on many things. One is meal planning. Christmas seems to be just the right time to be working on recipes/cooking. I know I have been and will be throughout the new year.

One of the many blogs I follow is Health, Home and Happiness. This week Kindle is offering the Kindle edition of her book, Best of Grain Free Meals for free! Many of these are familar to me already because they are used by everyone on the GAPS diet. There are quite a few though that get me excited. I want to try Hootenanny Pancakes. This is new to me. Never heard of it. Another is the seasoning choices for her breakfast sausage. We LOVE sausage for breakfast. Because of my extreme food allergies we don’t eat anything prepared by anyone other than me.  I have tried many seasoning suggestions but yet to find the perfect one for us. Maybe because they universally use pork which isn’t corn-free and I only cook with beef or lamb. Perhaps this recipe will be the hit!

Here is the link to the free Kindle book: Best of Grain-free Meals. I don’t know how long the deal will last but I think the book would be worth buying anyway if you miss it.

If you don’t have a Kindle (like me), there are iPhone, Blackberry or Android apps as well as desktop programs. I was able to download her book on to my iMac in my kitchen (where I cook)! Convenience.

I hope her ideas provide your family some new meal ideas.

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