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The Name Game 2013

We are expecting a calf soon. Seeing that the new year is quickly approaching we need to get a new list of names started. We will keep adding to it all year long as new ideas pop in our heads.

It is so much fun naming the animals that are born here or join the farm. We really get a kick out this as you will see. We always consider many attributes and circumstances as possible to properly choose the names. You can read the list below.

Please feel free to add your thoughts and ideas to the Poll. It is best if we have lots to choose from. Let us know in the comments which names you added so we can give you credit.

You can vote for as many different names as you like. Check back once in a while as new names are added.

Remember we need names for males and females. Here are last years suggestions.

Name Game rules are:

  1. must start with “I” (each year has a new letter of the alphabet)
  2. must NOT be a common people name (e.g., Amy, Joan, Mark)
  3. usually descriptive of:
    1. personality (e.g., Bossy, Gentle)
    2. physical appearance (e.g., Beauty, Dainty)
    3. their story (e.g., Evasive who we lost for three days, Elf who was born Christmas Day)
    4. an event or mood (e.g., Fresh who joined our farm just after watching the movie, Fresh)
    5. nothing special, we just like it or think its fun (e.g., Elephant, Egret, Brockle)

I seriously need help this year “I” is a tough one! HELP! Vote, Comment, Brainstorm!

So far I have:

Ivory, Iris, Insect, Impulse, Iron, Improve, Indigo, Iridescent,


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