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33 Ebook offer from Toadally Primal

For some time I have been reading about primal diets. You have been hearing about it too, I’m sure. I do like many of the ideas and recipes. However, I have a problem with the lack of dairy and lack of emphasis on fermented foods which I find so important in my life. So with that caveat, I share with you the ebook offer that is in this week. It is good now through January 14th so don’t wait too long.

Topics include: pale diets, cooking, recipes, lacto-fermentation, pantry overalls, freezer cooking, grain-free recipes, nutrition for kids, baby and pregnancy, PCOS and metabolism, camping, travel, myths, cleanses, acne and skincare, music and more.

Cost for the 33 books is only $39!

I have not read them all but I do follow many of the blogs. Whether you read these or other books I encourage you to keep learning!


3 Responses to 33 Ebook offer from Toadally Primal

  1. Oh! You can read more on Mark Sisson’s site: The primal toad is a follower of Mark and I’ve seen him post comments on many articles there.

  2. Hi Rachel, I’ve been on the primal eating style for about a year and a half and I’ve never felt better. It’s all about insulin control and you’re right about the dairy issue. Since the casein protein is responsible for prompting an insulin response, some primal/paleo groups are concerned with dairy; but this protein is only really found in non-fermented dairy. The other obvious issue is lactose, but as you know lactose-intolerant individuals can consume raw dairy because of the preservation of enzymes without the pasteurization. Yogurt, kefir, cheese is all fair game in most if not all primal/paleo groups. I have incorporated raw dairy into my diet because of it’s effects seen by Dr. Weston A Price and I think that most primal/paleo groups tend to overlook dental health and mostly focus on systemic health. Although I’m fully convinced that insulin control is the secret to optimal health, and even though milk (raw or not) have their issues with insulin – I still believe that the benefits of raw milk far outweigh the concerns. If I do consume dairy, it’s either raw milk/cheese (from only grass-fed cows) or it’s fermented. I don’t dare consume that grain-fed, pasteurized, homogenized, white water they call milk. 😉 Just my $0.02.

  3. Tammy says:

    there are some paleo “groups” that add raw dairy and ferments. there is a group on facebook called paleo plus forever, that adds those.

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