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New Building & How You Can Help

Five years ago, we moved all of our stuff from the living room, dining room and kitchen of our home up to the second story so we could operate our farm more efficiently. The kitchen has been serving as workspace for bottling milk, washing eggs and storage. The living room and dining room become our little grocery store.

The current downstairs store and upstairs house.

This means we’ve been living in a 560 square foot apartment on the second story. You can imagine how we had to squish all our personal belongs, giving away all but the most prized items. We have tried to rearrange but the space will only hold so much and no more. To everything there is a season. It has become painfully obvious this no longer works. Our formerly cozy, quaint apartment has no longer works for us. Our family has grown adding two grandchildren who come to play often. They also need seats at our dinner table that only seats four. At Christmas our tree and gifts were in Darrell’s bedroom but there is no seating. Our living rooms seats 6 uncomfortably but we have 9 people for holidays! Just after Christmas, I went in search of solutions and found a large building for sale. So we bought it and moved it to our farm! The building is big enough to serve as the store and workroom.

Can you imagine me nearly dancing with joy? I was! I was going to get my house back! For the weeks while we were arranging the transportation, leveling of the land, permits, et cetera I was nearly floating on air. After it was here and installed I was firmly grounded as I realize all the work that needs to be done to move in. I think overwhelmed and discouraged would be the appropriate words. I was sunk down even further when we started thinking of all the costs. We spent our entire savings to get it here there was nothing left for the remodel. The building looked so much better with the rose colored glasses of an “eager buyer” than it did when the “tired, old lady worker” looked at how much needed to be done.

Then (being a solution seeker type of person) I made a list of all the jobs with potential timelines and cost estimates. If I can sell some items to fundraise, modify the ideal plan to a more cost effective one, do most of the labor ourselves, then it starts to look pretty exciting again. Chicks arrive March 12th and the farm gets real busy with chicken chores until Thanksgiving or so. To get in by mid-March we are going to need some help. This is where you come in (if you want to).

We could use your prayers.

Earlier when I mentioned being overwhelmed, I wasn’t exaggerating. We are not idle people. Matt is up and running by 4 am each day and falls asleep immediately after dinner at 9 pm. He doesn’t really slow down. All the construction (beyond the basic stuff that I can help with) will have to be squeezed into his day. It feels like a bit too much sometimes but there isn’t really any other way.

My body, while the best it has been in five years, still isn’t in great shape. I will do as much as I am able. However, I often push too hard especially when I am so eager.

We have a short timeline if we will get in this year. Chicken season is coming. Chicks start arriving March 12th and every two weeks after that. If we don’t move into the building before April there won’t be enough hours in the day to work on it until November or December after the chickens are in the freezers.

We don’t have the money now. I’m selling everything I can. Lord willing the funds will come through in His good time.

We are going to need a lot of prayers. We thank you in advance if you decide to help in this way.

We could use a helping hand from time to time.

If you would like to donate some labor (skilled or unskilled) we will need some extra hands occasionally, especially on moving day.  Just give me a call if you are interested in being involved. 573-382-3844


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