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Puppy Aptitude Testing Day

Today is the day we learn a bit more definitively what homes the puppies will be most suited for. I have my suspicions as I have been watching and interacting with them for weeks.

We test for many personality traits to allow us insight so we can place the dogs in just the right homes. 20130224-065122.jpg

Personality traits include:

  • social dominance – do they want the job of Alpha
  • socialite or not – all dogs like their owners but some like every stranger too
  • touch sensitivity – will they be irritated if a child or animal accidentally steps on their toe
  • sound sensitivity – how alert are they to their auditory environment
  • sight sensitivity – how alert are they to their visual environment
  • reaction to the unknown – how to they respond to new environments and people
  • How does this help us?
    Socialites with a low touch sensitivity make great indoor pets for families. These dogs want a lot of attention/interaction and don’t mind being a pillow as needed.

    Non-socialites with high sight and sound sensitivity make great farm dogs. They don’t want all that fuss and they are very alert to the subtle changes around them that may indicate predators nearby.

    There are some dogs, I call them one person dogs. They only have eyes for their owner. They want to please them in whatever way it takes. They are often a bit calmer than the others. They make great companion dogs.

    Whatever kind of dog you are looking for, let us know if we can help you.

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