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It’s a wonderful life!

During a recent conversation it was mentioned how other people kids love coming to the farm; some don’t want to even leave! In contrast, our son thinks we have a boring life. Here is a list of things we do, not everyday of course but throughout the year.

What is farm life like?

Baby chicks growing up. Who doesn’t love the baby cheep sounds? Cheep. Cheep.
Catching escaped chicks.




Watching chickens fight over a worm. They run around squawking until everyone knows then the chase is on! Hilarious!
Observing the different hens reactions to the rooster. Some stand still, others run!
Seeing the rooster find food for his ladies.
Collecting, washing, cartoning eggs.
Catching, butchering, bagging, selling chickens.




Milking dairy cows.
Watching calves be born.
Baby calves needing to be fed bottles. Teaching them how to suckle. Their cute baby moo sounds.
Seeing the big cows push around those young up-comers. Yep, cows have a hierarchy.
Catching escaped cows.




Climbing the wood chip mountains.
Climbing the hay loft.
Making forts. Making new forts. And more forts.
Climbing trees.




Driving tractor.
Racing the rain to get the grass planted.
Driving around a beautiful wheat field gathering up straw.
Racing the rain to get the straw off the field.
Picking up hay from the field.
Racing to get the hay in shelter before the rain. Notice a theme?




Preparing, planting, harvesting garden beds.
Keeping gardens bug free naturally.





I think it’s a wonderful life, full of adventure and change. I’m glad to share a bit of it with you.

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