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Aspartame in Milk?

Aspartame in milk? Not here yet but it may not be long.

As milk sales have declined in recent years the milk industry has sought ways to push up sales. Now they have an idea… ASPARTAME! 20130228-061812.jpg

The idea is ludicrous and hard to even believe. The concept is driven by the schools not getting as much milk for the lunch rooms as they used to. If the milk were sweeter then kids would drink more. A simple concept. I’m all for creative solutions. The stinger here is that they want to hide it from consumers. They want the “right” not to disclose the additives. The idea is to keep the people in the dark and take away the freedom of choice. That is something I have a problem with.

Not everyone buys our milk. We have family members who still won’t drink it when they visit. I’m ok with that. To each their own. I would never consider hiding it from them to force them to use it. That is blatantly wrong!

Read the sources as they give much more information.

I’m feeling extra grateful that my dear husband gets up early everyday to milk cows so I can have the very best. What are your thoughts?


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