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Changes in the Milk

Growing up I didn’t know about the differences in milk. We drank whole. There were no options.

As a young mother, I saw my daughter have serious milk reactions after I weaned her from breastmilk. We knew milk was bad for her but had never heard the words “lactose intolerance”.

As a young woman, I knew I had to limit my milk consumption or I would get a bellyache. We certainly didn’t know about my gut dysbiosis or that it could be passed on.

As an older mother, when I didn’t heal from an infection following the birth of my son, someone recommended raw milk. I quickly benefited from the extra vitamins, enzymes and bacteria. I could drink as much as I wanted to. It was a wonderful find. I had no idea the path it would lead me down.

I thought I could discus a few of the ways milk has been changed over the years from a wholesome natural food into a manufactured, modified product.


Milk is first adulterated when they remove the fat, physically modify it by homogenizing, then put just some fat (0% for skim, up to 3.5% for whole) back in. Your body can tell there isn’t enough fat in there. It tastes watered down even! Your body thinks it needs more to get the right amount of fat. Have you ever craved an extra big bowl of ice cream? It may be your body’s single it needs more fat! The fat is what carries the fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin D. You need these things! Vitamin A and vitamin E work together so you can absorb the calcium in the water soluble portion of the milk.


The milk is adulterated a second way when it is pasteurized. The high temperatures kill the good lactic bacteria that every yogurt commercial is touting you need. It also breaks down the naturally occurring lactase enzymes needed to digest the milk sugars. This is one of the contributing factors to lactose-intolerance.

People coming to our farm claiming lactose intolerance are able excited to call me after their first jar of milk. They want to tell me they can drink raw milk without trouble! Some of these people gave up dairy 20 years ago.


Most of the vitamin have been destroyed at this point in the processing. The third way they adulterate the milk is to add the vitamins back in. But your body knows a difference between laboratory vitamins and natural ones. Consider this question: Can your body absorb fat soluble vitamins in the absence of fat? Nope. We must all realize the skim milk fortified with vitamin D a lost opportunity. You can’t absorb the calcium in it since there is no fat for the vitamin D. End result? Brittle bones. Osteoporosis. You get the point.

And now the dairy industry wants to adulterate the milk even further. Please read my next post Aspartame in Milk? to learn more. If you haven’t considered raw milk in the past – now may be the time.

Let me know if I can help you on your health journey.

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