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Chicken Reservations 2013

Baked Chicken

Baked chicken on wild rice.

It is time to reserve your chicken for the year.

We tried a couple different days of the week last year and found a good solution to our time crunch-Tuesday chickens. So each Tuesday from May to October we will be processing in the morning with pick up in the afternoon from 3 pm to 6 pm (or 7 pm by appointment).

Work with Us

We have traditionally allowed customers to come and help process chickens alongside us. We will continue that but we must limit it to one person or family unit. Processing will start promptly at 9 am and end around 1 pm. Bring a sack lunch and wear appropriate clothes and shoes. Call to sign up for the date you’d like to help/learn/have some fun.

Dates and  Reservations

Tuesday from May to October we will be processing in the morning with pick up in the afternoon from 3 pm to 6 pm (or 7 pm by appointment). We will be processing more often but fewer chickens per day. This means that your favorite day is more likely to sell out. Be sure to sign up early if you have to take off work or schedule a vacation day.

All reservations will be made on the online shopping cart. We switched over to this method last year. It makes it easy for customers and us to know how many chickens are left on a given day. With a $5.00 deposit per chicken we will have the chickens processed and waiting for you on ice water when you arrive.

Size of Chickens

Chickens averaged 5 pounds last year with a range of 4-6 lbs throughout the season. The cost per pound is $3.50/lb frozen. Discounts will be taken off as they apply; 30 cents per pound for picking up fresh, 10 cents per pound for 25 chickens at a time.


In the past we have always offered an early bird discount for the families who placed a deposit down early. With the new system it is nearly impossible to track that the way we used to. However, now we are able to give $0.40 discount for each chicken ordered two months in advance of processing. So instead of paying the $5.00 deposit you will only need to pay $4.60 and get full credit for $5.00. The big advantage to you is that you no longer need to pay your deposit for your October chicken in March. You could wait until May, June or even early August (assuming someone else doesn’t reserve all those dates). As a heads up the first dates to sell out are always May and October since it spreads out the freezer space.

We look forward to another year of raising chickens for you.


  • Processing: Tuesdays, 9 am – 1 pm, one person or family per date, call to sign up
  • Pick up: Tuesdays, 3-6 pm, 7 pm by appointment from May to October
  • Deposit: $5.00/per chicken applied to total due,$4.60 per chicken (for $5.00 credit) if two months early
  • Cost: $3.50/lb frozen base price in the store
  • Discount 1: 30 cents/lb if picked up fresh
  • Discount 2: 10 cents/lb if buying 25 at one
  • Discount 3: save 40 cents/chicken on the deposit if two months before processing date

Click to reserve your chicken today.

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