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Food & Fun at the Farm

Announcing the long awaited Food & Fun at the Farm!


We all know the best social events involve food, right! So bring it on; we all love to eat. I’m thinking a potluck, home-style dinner will do. Nothing fancy just whatever you normally eat. We eat grain free so I will bring something easy for me to prepare in advance like chili, pot roast, cream of something soup, carrot sticks, etc. If you don’t eat grain free that is fine, please don’t feel you need to cater to everyone’s needs. Bring foods you enjoy making and eating. I don’t want this to be stressful. I’m not worried about the meal being balanced or who is bringing what. Just come and have food, fun and fellowship.


We will be having so much fun; I am eager to share ideas with you. We will have food and health documentaries, powerpoint presentations, speakers and having demonstrations.


Here is a chance to have fellowship with like minded individuals and families. We will have a chance to slow down and visit. Do you feel rushed in your everyday life without time to build relationships? Perhaps everyone you know thinks your nuts with this “health kick”. Let us be an encouragement to you.

Food & Fun at the Farm

2nd Saturday of the month all year long
6:00 potluck dinner (bring a two dishes to share)
7:00 fun event (movies, speakers, demos, etc)

Look for announcements of topics for each month.

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The farm, the food and the myriad of connections to health.