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Help Stop Corporate Ag Bills in Missouri

Help Stop Corporate Ag Bills in the Senate—
Come to the Capitol on Wednesday, April 3rd!

Two very bad constitutional amendments are coming to the Senate floor any day.  HJR 7&11 and SJR 22 are anti-local control, anti-family farm bills that would cement pro-industrial ag language into our Missouri constitution.  These bills are on the fast track. They have passed the Senate Ag Committee and can only be stopped on the Senate floor.

Please Join Us at the Capitol on Wednesday, April 3rd:
If there ever was a time to come to the capitol to stop bad pro-corporate ag bills, this is it. Meeting face-to-face with our elected representatives can make the difference between winning and losing.

Please RSVP and let me know if you can attend the lobby day next Wednesday, April 3rd.  protecting

Thank you and please let me know if you can make it!

Tim Gibbons
Missouri Rural Crisis Center
(573) 449-1336
Please RSVP!

Support Family Farms Lobby Day
Wednesday, April 3rd
House Hearing Room 3
(in the basement of the capitol)

Please Join Us!!!—Now is the time to come to OUR capitol and let OUR legislators know that we support LOCAL CONTROL, FAMILY FARMS and the integrity of OUR CONSTITUTION !

*Please RSVP to the Missouri Rural Crisis Center by emailing or calling Tim at (573) 449-1336
The Truth about HJR 7&11 and SJR 22:

·        These vaguely worded proposed constitutional amendments could strip Local Control from Missouri counties (both urban and rural), taking away their power to protect constituents, family farmers and Missouri citizens from the negative impacts of corporate controlled industrial agriculture through Local Control.
·        In addition, HJR 7&11 and SJR 22 “forever guarantees” “modern farming practices” under the constitution.  But “modern farming practices” are not defined in these bills.  This is a major problem because these “future” practices could be anything (from corporate controlled CAFOs, to cloned animals, to complete control of the seed supply…).
·        HJR 7&11 and SJR 22 expand the power of corporate agri-business to exploit any future “agricultural technologies” simply to increase their profits at the expense of family farmers, our food system, property rights, potential markets and local economies.
·         What makes HJR 7&11 and SJR 22 even more dangerous is that they are Constitutional Amendments that would be cemented into the Missouri constitution that can’t be fixed after the fact.

“Forever” protecting future undefined and unknown “modern” ag and food practices is completely irresponsible and should not be in our constitution.

Read HJR 7&11 HERE.  Read SJR 22 HERE.

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