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New Store & Work Room

Each year bring change, this year it is the new building. We were able to move into the new store this week. Parking will be a bit tight. Please be sure to park as far into the parking lot as you can as we all adjust to the new parking situation. The door to the store is on the right when you are looking at the gray building. It has a convenient ramp for those rolling coolers that I think many of you will appreciate. We have a conversational area with table and chairs for those who want to hang out or come for our new Food and Fun at the Farm. We have a small children’s area to keep them entertained as well.

The move went amazingly fast with just a few helpers. We were done by noon! Big thanks goes out to Elizabeth, Brady, Bryce, Claire and Kenric!

We are ever so grateful for the help of Rachel’s Uncle Ramond and her Father, Darrell. Without these two generous men and their amazing construction skills we never would have gotten moved into the new building this year! When I asked Uncle Ray how we could repay him he thought a trip to Alaska for their six weeks of constant effort would be sufficient. šŸ™‚ Since that is so far out of budget we fed them a bunch of Wild Alaskan Salmon. I think it appeased them, they plan to come back.

Matthew’s father, Bernie will be arriving on Monday to help. He’s always there when we are in a pinch. He will be taking care of the plumbing and electrical so we can move into the Work Room. This is where all the milk bottling and egg washing will be happening! It’s a lot of work! šŸ™‚ We hope to get in there in the next two or so weeks.

Another thank you goes out to Gwen. She donated money and we were able to buy some more paint for the floor. It took four coats! A special thanks goes to Helen who cheerfully helped me plant plum trees and raspberries in the orchard while we waited for the paint to dry.

Along these lines, some of you have asked for a wish list of items we still need. It is a very long list as we have just the bare necessities now. I will post it in the near future. Thank you for your consideration.

While I am feeling so contemplative and grateful let me share with you how glad I am to have my house back (well not the kitchen quite yet). It has been a full five years in our cozy efficiency apartment upstairs. Mostly I didn’t mind it but I am glad to expand and take the grandfather clock out of my bedroom! šŸ™‚ I know you can’t see the glowing expression but trust me it is there.



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