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The Vision & Wish List

Several customers have requested a wish list for the farm store. They have plenty and would like to share from their abundance. There is no pressure to give toward these causes if you are not inclined. I don’t want to sound like I am begging. Please consider this only if you have an extra of what we need and would like to get it out of your space.

We have several areas defined to make the building more versatile for group events. A conversation area, and eating/gaming area, kids corner, kitchen, work area.

Conversation Area

Although you aren't here milking, you can make a difference in the lives of others, too.

Although you aren’t here milking, you can make a difference in the lives of others, too.

Often people spend an hour or more each week at the farm. We visit, new customers come and introductions go around, conversations start, friendships are formed. When everyone is just standing around it feels like you are in the way. I want to make an area where people feel comfortable to stay and visit with each other.

We already received a generous donation of wicker furniture with cushions. I want it to feel cozy like a living room but don’t want the overstuffed furniture that is made for living rooms as it is too big for our space. I love seeing people make themselves at home perusing a book or visiting with a friend.

Eating Area & Game Table

While those wives are chit-chatting the men folk might just want to take up a game of checkers. I know it sounds so old fashioned but I think it is a neat idea.

So much of our social life revolves around food. I plan to have how to classes for butter, cheese, sauerkraut, kefir, and much more. We need a place to sit around while eating the fruits of our labors. Additionally, during the potlucks it will just make everything easier.

Currently I have a folding table and 3 chairs. I picture a long dining table, one that seats 8-12. Maybe that is too hard to find? We could do two or three other ones and push them together.

Kids Corner

I have always had a special place in my heart for teaching little ones. I love having a place for them that is all their own.

Currently, I have a kids folding table and two chairs, a bench with rug in front and a small foot locker with a farm set and a few books near a rocking chair. I think it would be great to add a food theme with a small kitchen set and the foods, a sturdy wooden table and four or more chairs for when we have group pot luck dinners and a 5×7 or so area rug to define the space.

The Theater

I have been dreaming for a few years now of hosting Food, Fun and Fellowship at the Farm. It has been developing in my mind how it could work. I figured an older model rear projection tv might be affordable and would fit the bill for a group of 20. Those old big tv’s are getting reasonably priced now since they take up a quarter of a room. However, before the wish list came out we had a customer offer a projector! We have such wonderful people all around us! Thank you, Gwen. This will work so well. It just so happens I have a brand new white wall! Even better than I dared to dream!

I have several movies and powerpoint presentations to show for the this year then I am out. If you have a movie you felt was a turning point for you and would like to donate them we will show them to everyone who wants to come out for Food, Fun and Fellowship at the Farm. I have a long list I would like to show Food Inc, Fresh, Dirt: The Movie, The Dirt on Farmer Brown, and many others

Educational Area

We have always been avid readers so our bookshelf is full of a variety of health, diet, natural living, farming, etc books. However, I have always loaned out books generously assuming they would come back. Many didn’t. I would love to build up the library this time giving people time to preview them in the store but they have to buy their own copy. Perhaps, you have an extra copy of a favorite that you feel others should read?

Additionally, it has been very useful the last few weeks to have a computer in the store. We have used it for customers to place their chicken reservations, movies and educational slide shows. However, I needed to get work done at home so I had to bring it home. It would be great if anyone with an Apple would donate one when they upgrade. Sorry PC users it just isn’t my turf; I can barely manage the store checkouts.

The Farm Kitchen

For many years we have watched people come in and out of the store for weeks or months then get discouraged. Real food is hard work. It takes time. It takes energy. Sometimes in the hectic world we live it there just isn’t enough of either. We want to help. We have a great room in the new building. It is ideal for building an inspected kitchen. We could make chicken soup so the sick people can just buy soup when they are sick. Currently, I can sell them a whole frozen chicken along with bags of carrots, onions and garlic. Then 12 or so hours later they can eat some of its wonderful goodness. If we had an inspected kitchen a person could buy a couple quarts and keep in the freezer until the occasional sick day.

Currently we have an empty room; we need everything that goes in a kitchen. Not all people can imagine a blueprint in their mind but I can. I picture a large U shaped kitchen with an island. The left side has a refrigerator and an upright freezer. The middle has counter space and a three hole sink (or two with two holes). Toward the right is the hand sink and mop sink. The ice maker will be on the far right. The island will have two stoves with ovens built into the island. If I can fit it in there will be a a double wall oven to accommodate large scale baking of bread and such. The room will need base & wall cabinets with counters, appliances, pots/pans, utensils, etc. Used stuff is perfectly acceptable. If your going to be remodeling in the future, keep the farm kitchen in mind.


I want to take a moment to say thank you to the many families who have helped. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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