Family Friendly Farm

Food, Fun and Fellowship at Family Friendly Farm

We are eager to share with you our love of family events. The kind where the atmosphere is relaxed and everyone is ready for a good time.


We all know the best social events involve food, right! So bring it on; we all love to eat. I’m thinking a potluck, home-style dinner will do. We will start dinner at 6 pm. Bring 2 dishes to share with the group. Nothing fancy or stressful; just plain home-style cooking that you enjoy making. Some have been worried that they don’t eat ALL organic or grassfed. Don’t worry about that. We all started out somewhere. No one here is judgmental.

The farm will provide paper plates, cups, napkins and plastic silverware. Free will offering will be taken to offset the cost. Those of you organized could bring your own.


At 7 pm we will start the fun event. It may be a movie, powerpoint presentation, demonstration or class. Each month we will vote on what will be offered next month. Have you already seen the movie or know about the material being presented? Bring a friend; share your knowledge with others. It will be a memorable evening and open many food and health discussion points.


Do you feel rushed in your everyday life without time to build relationships? Here is a chance to have fellowship/visit/befriend like minded individuals and families. We will have a chance to slow down and visit. Perhaps everyone you know thinks your nuts with this “health kick”. Let us be an encouragement to you. Where ever you are in your journey you are welcome to join us. We all start somewhere.

Extended store hours

I have received several calls about the store being open so two trips are not required. It is a good idea. I will close the store from 3 pm to 6 pm then reopen and checkouts briefly again at 6 pm while some are eating and 9 pm just as you are heading out. *Bring coolers*


Parking is tight. Park as close as you feel comfortable to the car next to you. Please pull your cars all the way up to the hoop house. This leaves plenty of backing up space for others. Carpooling might be a good idea until we can afford to gravel the other side of the parking.


Kids are always welcome on the farm! However, I don’t have any way to watch them all so you are responsible for that.

Bring some friends or family members

Perhaps you have already seen the movie? What about your coworkers or that friend that thinks you have jumped off the deep end? This is the perfect way to introduce them to your way of thinking.


Not required but I would love a headcount, if it works for you. If not, no worries.

Food, Fun & Fellowship at the Farm

2nd Saturday of the month all year long
6:00 potluck dinner (bring a two dishes to share)
7:00 fun event (movies, speakers, demos, etc)


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The farm, the food and the myriad of connections to health.