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Fat, Cholesterol and Your Brain

When we rebooted our homeschool in the fall of 2011 we were in for a big surprise. After taking the summer off Darrell had forgotten everything. EVERYTHING! He didn’t remember the sound of the letters. He had forgotten addition although in the spring we had been doing multiplication. I was convinced he was just trying to avoid work after having the summer off. That proved false. What was going on? I started to believe I was the worst teacher on the planet.

Just as we got to this point of near despair another homeschooling mom offered free tutoring for children with dyslexia. She gave a website with a test. Darrell scored high enough we had confirmation. Wow, was that an eye opener and a lifesaver! He overwhelmingly had dyslexia (reading), dysgraphia (writing), and dyscalculia (math). He was so strongly right brained it seemed his left side didn’t work at all.

We implemented a multilateral approach. He started tutoring three times a week using the Barton method. It is extremely methodical in how it presents the knowledge. It is very extensive and thorough. It worked for her two girls and my son.

At the same time we started studying right brain minds so we could do a more appropriate job for his learning style. We implemented these new ideas. We looked into famous right brained people and acknowledge the huge gift it can be when properly utilized.

Additionally, we added in many exercises to help the neurons cross from one side to the other. You can find a link at Dianne Crafts site. She had a lot to say about nutrition as well. It was just the specialized guidance we needed to focus on.

We added in lots of fat, cholesterol and Omega-3 foods to nourish his brain. Although we eat healthy foods, Darrell has always been picky about eating fat and actually would refuse to eat if there was fat on a piece of meat. We had to learn to hide it to get it in him. We decided that ice cream from our grassfed Jerseys was a perfect breakfast food, snack or anytime food. We made sardines and salmon everyday foods to the point we were sick of them but felt the Omega-3s were worth it. And invented the “three yolk scrambled egg” with one white and two extra yolks added in to ensure high cholesterol.

This year at Christmas we did extensive standardized testing. He is at 4th grade level for both reading and math! He went from kindergarten level to fourth grade level in just 15 months! Most of the progress was from the last six months. He turned nine, his brain was full of fat, cholesterol and omega-3s, the exercises forced his brain to “talk” to this left side. Suddenly he was able to do jumping jacks to a rhythm and reading came much easier. He just seemed to “get it”.

While he isn’t really thrilled about school yet we have a great deal of hope in the progress that he has made in such a short time. We know that the nutrition, exercises and special care he got did make a difference.

If you are struggling with this issue or your child I encourage you to check out the website of both Dianne Craft and Susan Barton Additionally, Susan will be giving a free seminar May 17th in St. Louis. Click this link to get a free ticket. You will learn about

  1. Dyslexia’s inheritance patterns and the genetic link
  2. The symptoms of mild dyslexia in adults
  3. The classic warning signs in children
  4. Why most dyslexic children don’t qualify for special ed
  5. Research-based “best practices” to improve spelling, reading, and writing
  6. Why tutoring alone is not enough — and much more!!!

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