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How to get to the farm when the river is high…

If you have tried to get here recently from Illinois or the east side of Cape Girardeau you probably ran into a barrier across State Highway 177. When the Mississippi River is this high it just runs over the Highway near Kenco/Juden Creek. It does make for some beautiful scenic driving. A few of you wandered all over the countryside and you learned how these back roads can be confusing. Look at all the interconnecting options below:

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DScreen Shot 2015-06-24 at 5.05.06 PMrive around the big country block

If headed on north Highway 177 already
Left on Cty Rd 643
Right on Cty Rd 635Right on Cty Rd 640
Left on Hwy 177






Directions with fewest turns

The easiest directions are to go to I55 North, then 61 North to the stoplight, Right on Highway 177 all the way to the STOP SIGN, Turn right to continue on Hwy 177 all the way to a 2nd STOP SIGN, Turn right on to Highway V, go 0.7 miles. **Note, do not turn at the first Highway V that you will see before the two stop signs. The bridge is out there. Click this link for these set of directions.

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The Scenic Route for the Adventurous

Perhaps you love a good Sunday drive on Saturday morning. These directions will take you on the pretty back roads. There are so many options you can play around with the map by dragging the blue route to try different roads.

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Whatever route you chose, we are always glad to see you! We hope you can make the best of it and enjoy the drive!

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