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Delivery available to many locations

Weboy-farmer have had delivery to St. Louis for some time now. However, I just learned that some of you don’t know about it. I guess I thought everyone knew.

On our Northern Route we currently deliver to

  • Ste. Genevieve, MO
  • Festus, MO ?
  • Arnold, MO
  • St. Louis, MO  (Tower Grove Park area)
  • Chesterfield / Ballwin, MO
  • Florissant, MO

There was some interest in adding in a Festus drop last year. I’d like to get some numbers together to see if we can do that now. Call, email or Facebook is fine.

Our Southern Route goes to

  • Scott City, MO
  • Sikeston, MO ?
  • Benton, MO
  • Dexter, MO ?
  • Poplar Bluff, MO ?

The Southern Route is currently in jeopardy of closing down. If you have been interested but never got around to doing so–NOW is the time.

Simultaneously, we have had a request to extend our market back to the Poplar Bluff area. Can I get a show of hands, how many are interested? Call, email or Facebook is fine.

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