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Just 8 dates remaining for FRESH pastured chicken

There are just eight chicken processing dates left for FRESH chicken pick up. If you would like to try the chicken, you can stop by on most Tuesdays. We generally have a few extra but they do sell out quickly sometimes.


Want MAXIMUM discounts?

  1. The people who reserve their chicken 2 months in advance get an additional discount. There are only two dates left with that option this fall. Each has a good number of chickens available so your chances are good.
  2. When you order 25 chickens to be picked up on one day you save additional money.
  3. Picking up your chicken when it is fresh rather than waiting until we freeze it also saves you big money.

Baked Chicken

What to bring when picking up a chicken?

A cooler (or two) (or three), large enough to carry all your chickens home. Plan on a chicken being the size of a gallon of milk. They aren’t really that big but it is the best common thing I could think of.

Ice (we do sell it too)

A good attitude, sometimes you may have to wait your turn or help out as needed

Cash or a check. You have paid a deposit down of $5 but need to pay the remainder. Using credit cards incurs fees and we didn’t raise our prices to accommodate that.

What makes our chicken so special?

We raise them on pasture! We use an open house with a large yard in the pasture where they are free to roam. This pasture is enclosed by netting to keep predators out. We feed local grains but move the pens daily inside the netting to maximize the grass/bugs available. We process the chickens when they are about 8 weeks old so the meat is always very tender, but not mushy. We process the chickens ourselves and know that we do a good job. You can pick up your chicken just hours after processing. You know it is fresh!


What would I do with a large chicken?

Maybe your are single or have a small family or travel a lot. Family Friendly Farm chickens are larger than the standard grocery store variety. They average 4-6 lbs. This maximizes the meat to bone ratio and provides a diversity of sizes that are easy to use. Many people cut up their chicken then place it in ziploc bags to freeze.

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