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A Calf & Word of Mouth Advertising

We have never tried to be a big company. We are a couple of people raising food to help our community improve their health and well-being with nutrition. Until two weeks ago we didn’t even have a sign to help people find us. We figured the people looking knew where we were and that has kept us busy enough.


Isn’t he just the cutest! He will be for sale later this week, if you want to bottle feed him. $125 from a heifer with great teats and udder. He would be a good bull to keep or tasty for meat in a few years.

Each summer we have struggled to provide enough for all of our customers so we are careful about adding in new customers especially for milk.

However, this year we have been blessed with plenty. Plenty of eggs, plenty of chicken and even plenty of milk.

And now, we had another calf today!

Ahh! More milk. Now we have surplus.

So it is time, dear friends, for you to do your thing.

Please share our farm with the people you know:

  1. Tell them about the flavor of our grassfed, unpasteurized, unhomogenized real milk with the cream on top in a glass jar.
  2. Let them know we have eggs from our hens who are fed local grains and rotationally moved around the fields in the Eggmobile for grass and bugs.
  3. Describe our squeaky clean and tender chicken that is raised on pasture and fed locally available grains.

Please help us spread the word that we have openings for quite a few families at this time. We are so glad to be able to serve you, your family, friends and neighbors.


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The farm, the food and the myriad of connections to health.