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Duckweed Production

I love learning! It really is a driving force for me. Ooo! Something new. I have always been eager to jump in and try it myself. So I learned how to drive tractor and butcher chicken with gusto. Manual shift car, a necessity. College education – just another challenge. I tried my hand at a motorcycle once but it didn’t go well. Anyway. . . now I am on to duckweed.


It arrived by mail on Wednesday. Lemna minor, is the species. Sources say it is the most preferred duckweed for fish to eat. Duckweed is an awesome food for fish because it is so wonderfully high in protein. Though I am anxious to see if the chickens like it as well.

We are endeavoring to grow Lemna minor duckweed so we can feed it to the tilapia. Online some report it is easy to grow and doubles every two days. Others say it takes ten days to double. Some have theirs die out. So I’m thinking it won’t be easy or hard but will require effort and vigilance.

I love the idea that we can feed our fish fresh growing food rather than just pellets. It is what I like to eat and make available to you as well, fresh food. Sources say you can’t replace all of their diet with duckweed but can go as high as 60 percent. That is decent. If we can raise it well. But still I want to strive for no off farm inputs eventually.

Now, to get my black soldier fly larvae buckets and worms a-composting. Then I will have two more sources of food for the tilapia. I’m also starting to wonder how hard it is to grow minnows. That seems like a yummy treat for a fish, don’t you think?

Any experts out there on these topics?

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