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It is still an “I” year for names

This week we had to chose names for the calves. The hardest one was located at another farm. We always try to use personality traits or characteristics when naming see the Name Game.

Since we hadn’t met her yet it was hard to imagine what we could name her. We struggled to imagine what she looked like when Matt described her to us. Petite, white bent heart on the forehead, speckled white patch on her hip.

You can probably imagine that we debated a bunch of names that just weren’t a good fit for the little heifer calf that we were picturing in our imaginations. Honestly, we discussed the options for so long Matt was getting impatient waiting for us.

Then our son, Darrell, settled on Imagine. How fitting.

Big thanks to Amy McAlister and my dad for the suggestion!

Well, here she is:

Is she as cute as you imagined?

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