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Turkey For St. Louis

We were approached this year by John Arbuckle of Singing Prairie Farm. I got to know John at the Weston A Price conference we were at last year. It was nice to get to know other like-minded farmers.

He will be raising up to 50 turkeys this year for our customers. He will deliver them frozen to the Northrup St. Louis Drop on Saturday, November 23rd. Just enough time to thaw for the Thanksgiving holiday. Customers from the St. Louis region can pick up during the regular milk drop.

Just like with our milk he will require payment upfront to avoid government issues. Sorry for the inconvenience. He doesn’t have credit card capability. So to reserve it you need to send a check for $35. Then in November, he will call with your remaining total (based on the weight) and you will need to mail him a check. 30552 Lantern Street, La Plata, MO 63549

There are only 50 turkeys so first come, first served.

You can reserve them by calling him at 660-332-4020 to see how many he has left. Be sure to let him know you need them dropped off at Family Friendly Farm’s Northrup Avenue location. Then get your check sent in.

Here’s a photo of the turkeys on his farm: singing-prairie-farm-47

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