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Fresh Chicken Season is Wrapping Up

Broilers in their portable homes, moving up the hill.

Broilers in their portable homes, daily moving up the hill.

There are only about 100 FRESH chickens left for 2013. You can place a deposit and chose a date in our online store. Remember FRESH chicken must be picked up on the day it is processed between 3 and 6 pm. We will stay open later for those who live far away if you make arrangements.

We will continue to have FROZEN chicken available in the store and for delivery until we run out. Some years we have run out as early as September. Other years have have enough to last until February. It just depends on how many new people want to fill their freezers.

We will start processing FRESH chicken again in May of 2014. Stay tuned in January 2014 for the dates and times.


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