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Missing our posts? Your not the only one. It seems only about 10% of the people on Facebook see our posts on any given day.

For those of you who want to be sure to get them you need to keep their algorithm in mind. It is based on the frequency of interaction. The more you click on a post/site/link the more likely you will see the next post.

To increase the frequency you need to:

  • Like on the posts when you see them.
  • Comment on the posts when you see them.
  • From a desktop computer, looking at one of our posts click the gray “down arrow” in the upper right hand corner (of the post). It will pull down a list. At the top of the list is Get Notifications. Click on that.

Alternately, you can become “friends” with me. It is much easier to see posts from friends than businesses. You will get some family ones but most are farm related anyway since we just love what we do.

If you are a regular customer this works well since I will recognize your name.

If you are a farm follower but not a customer and have never bought from us you can “follow” the personal page.

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The farm, the food and the myriad of connections to health.