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Egg-stra Special Discounts & Deals for the Thrifty & Kindhearted

As many of you are aware our egg supply is nearly non-existent. In our ten years we have not experienced a winter so early or so severe. We were not prepared. The early winter caused 85% to molt at the same time. Usually we have some molting here and there so production of eggs is down in the winter but never so many! With the nearly unprecedented cold temperatures the chickens refused to eat or drink so most of the remaining hens also quit laying.

We have been struggling to keep a few eggs for the customers in the store. We don’t have any for our friends at the local Grocery Stores. As a result our income has taken a painful drop. So what can we do to pay the bills?

We have been brainstorming… and we came up with a plan. We have freezers full of yummy, nutritious meats. We can offer Chicken, Beef and Pork at a significant discount to help clear out our freezers and raise some money. We are excited to pass on these savings. I hope you can support us!

For the month of FEBRUARY, we are offering special discounts and deals. Available only in our Farm Store.

$5.00/lb Grassfed Ground Beef. This is a $1.00 off our regular price. Buy 1, 25, 50 pounds or 500 pounds. We are glad to share this lean ground beef with you.

$2.50/lb Pasture-raised Chicken. This is for WHOLE CHICKEN at $1.00 per pound off our regular price in the store–A $4-5 savings per chicken!!  Its a great opportunity to clear out our freezers and fill yours. This is cheaper than you can buy it for fresh! Some of you may decide to skip fresh chicken in the spring!

The order form for fresh chicken will come out next week.

10% off all Pastured Pork. We have chops, steaks, roast, ribs and ground pork right now. We will soon bring more hogs in to the processors so we need to make space!

The above discounts and deals will run out when we run out of supply or at the end of the month whichever occurs first. You have three weeks to fill your freezers and SAVE!!

We thank you all for the love and support you have shown us through the years.

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