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Half Hogs Coming Soon

It is time. The hogs are ready plump and ready. They go to the butcher shop on Tuesday! 

For those of you who enjoy choosing your own cuts, deciding on the thickness of your pork steak or bacon we have just the thing for you. A half hog is just exactly what it sounds like. You get the full variety of meats from chops or tenderloin, steaks or roasts, hams cured or not, nitrate or non-nitrate bacon and hams, pork hocks, ribs, bones and anything else you can think of.

It is my understanding that we should be able to render lard this time as well. This is a big deal! Hogs raised outdoors have a reputation for having a high level of vitamin D.

How does it work?

  1. We raise the hogs to a big enough size it is cost effective for you but still they vary in size from 200-300 pounds.  
  2. You call, email or text me to reserve one or two halves. 
  3. We bring them to the butcher shop, M & M Meats, 1600 Old St Marys Rd, Perryville, MO 63775 (573) 547-4575
  4. We call you to tell you they are dropped off and give you the total due to the farm. 
  5. You pay by check mailed to us at 834 State Highway V, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 or you can pay by credit card (but it is an extra 3.5% fee so we prefer the other if possible).
  6. You call M & M Meats with your cutting instructions. (1/4″ – 2″ pork chops or perhaps a tenderloin, pork steaks or roasts, bacon cured with or without nitrates, etc.). When you call in they will a you a series of questions to help you decide. Something like this:
    Do you want pork chops or tenderloin? You say chops. 
    They say how thick? You say 1″ or 1/2 inch depending on what you prefer. Then they ask how many per package (2 or 4)?
    They will keep asking questions.
  7. M & M Meats will call you when it is frozen and ready to pick up.
  8. You bring coolers to pick up your meat.
  9. You pay M & M Meats for the processing. Details below.
  10. Then, you invite us over for a nice grilled pork steak dinner. Just kidding!


What is the price?

To the Farm: This covers our expenses and labor to raise the pigs. Hanging weight is the amount the hog weighs after it is dead. Please specify larger or smaller; we will try to accommodate.

$1.80/lb Hanging weight 

To M & M Meats:  there are the processing costs. It is generally built into the cost in the retails meats that you buy so its not something people think about. It is also the wonderful part of getting a half hog; you get to cut, cure and package just the way you like it.

$12.00 slaughter fee per half
$0.50 / lb hanging weight for processing 

Choose packaging (Shrink wrap, Paper wrap, or Vacuum pack is an extra $0.50/bag)
Personally, I prefer paper or vacuum over shrink-wrap for long term storage. If you will eat it up quickly I wouldn’t worry about it. If it needs to last a year I’d do the paper or vacuum.

Optional items: tell them how many pounds of each you’d like. 

$0.60 / lb curing bacon and hams (Options: with or without Nitrates)
$0.70 / lb sausage links (Options: 1/2 inch to 1.25 inches thick)
$0.70 / lb original brats
$1.40 / lb cheddar brat

Generally, the fresh cuts are available in two weeks and the cured items in one month.



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