Family Friendly Farm

Laying hens on pasture

Laying hens on pasture at Family Friendly Farm

Laying hens on pasture at Family Friendly Farm

Look at these happy hens!

Our laying hens can not be on the pasture in the winter. They would tear up the grass and roots when it is so wet and soggy. You can see it’s still a bit bare as the grass is just starting to take off. Spring or cool season grass like ryegrass, white clover and fescue need a certain amount of sunshine and warmth. This has been a slower start to spring than most years but it sure has us feeling grateful spring is here!

Our laying hens are providing a generous amount of eggs. If your a long established customer you will notice the yolks going back to a deep yellow color as they get more greens in their diet.

Please be sure to tell everyone to you know to support us and the businesses that do.

You can get our eggs at Natural Health Organic Food store in Cape Girardeau, MO; Neighborhoood Coop in Carbondale, IL; Blue Sky Nutrition in Florissant, MO; and Green Earth Grocery in Edwardsville, IL.

Not in the mood to cook? Stop in at Longbranch Cafe in Carbondale, IL.


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