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Veggies Coming April 18!

Last year, we had the pleasure of meeting Jeff and Jessie Sanders. They are a lovely couple looking to get into farming. They have a passion which can not be quenched though we told them how much work it is. 🙂 We also shared how great it feels to help so many families and eat awesome nutritionally dense foods. They are calling their farm, Rooted and Grounded.

high tunnel greensTo benefit us all, they planted 3,000 strawberry plants for this spring! Woo hoo! I personally plant to freeze a bunch, make buckets of ice cream and jars upon jars of preserves! I am nearly giddy.

They plan to provide them in our store for our customers!

As the strawberry planting was completed, Jeff got to work with the high tunnel. You can see he’s been busy this spring.

The first greens will be ready around April 18th!

We are glad to have such a wonderful working relationship with Jeff and Jessie. We will all have to eat a bunch of veggies this summer to encourage them to do this again next year!

If you have any questions, you can call Jeff at 573-979-2092.

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