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Prayers needed & Farm Update 5/19/15

From time to time a cow will put too much calcium into her milk and not have enough leftover for herself. We all need calcium for our muscles to contact and release properly; so the momma became paralyzed and couldn’t get up. It is called Milk Fever. A simple calcium gluconate IV is usually enough to get them back on their feet. On Monday morning, Matt was giving an IV to a momma cow with Milk Fever. When she was attempting to get on her feet she accidentally kicked Matt on his bad knee.

Many of you may remember that Matt has osteoarthritis and hasn’t had any cartilage in his knee for at least eight years, the result of ACL/MCL ligament injuries in playing high school football. Eight years ago, we were told he needed a total knee replacement surgery. We sent out a prayer request to our fabulous customers and the milk production jumped so high we had oodles of extra milk! Matt finally had a chance to indulge in unlimited milk. His pain nearly vanished!

Over the years he has reduced his milk many times and each time becomes crippled. Our raw, grassfed milk is AMAZING! So, with the grace and favor of God he has walked miles a day for the last eight years, though he is always careful and favors it considerably.

With that in mind, we feel it quite likely he could recover. But we just don’t know how fast he’ll be able to heal from this compounded injury. Perhaps the total knee replacement will be what we need to do now. We just don’t know the extent of his injury yet. 

Here are our  requests:

  1. The first request is for serious prayer for Matt’s healing.
  2. The second request is for recommendations for a fabulous orthopedic specialist, hopefully in Cape but St Louis is definitely something we would consider.
  3. The third request is for the farm. Pray for it, we have not had time to figure out yet how the farm will limp along without Matt being his superman self. There are too many things I (Rachel) can not do I’m simply not strong enough.
  4. The fourth thing we ask is for your patience as we modify all sorts of farm activities. I will try to keep you updated here on the website so check back often.

But, God knew what was going to happen long ago, six hours after Matt was injured his mom and dad arrived in preparation for our family reunion Memorial weekend. So for this week, the cavalry is here. We just don’t know about next week and all the following ones yet.

For now, Matt is able to get around with a cane/walker. We will be modifying all sorts of things around the farm as we adjust. Check your emails and the website often.

Events & changes this week that we know about:

  • Chickens will be butchered today as scheduled. Yay for family!!
  • Matt’s dad will be helping milk this week. Woo hoo!
  • Cream is a significant extra effort so that is out for sure.
    Good thing you can make awesome strawberry ice cream with our full fat milk.
  • Deliveries to St. Louis will go as scheduled this week.
    Matt’s dad or brother will help with delivery to St. Louis on Saturday.
  • The Farm Store will be open as usual Tuesdays 3-6 pm and Saturday 9 am-3 pm.
  • Essential Oils 101 in St. Louis will still be on Wednesday


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