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Trials, Blessings & Farm Update 5/21/15

trials and blessingsHave you ever read the book of Job in the Bible? He suffered greatly with one trial, then another, then another, then another, then… you get the drift. It was the devil’s attempt to get him to turn his heart from and blame God for all his problems. It didn’t work and The Lord sent him blessings more bountiful than he had before. Matt’s has had a week like that…

This turned out to be a VERY long post…for that reason we moved to to my personal blog site,

If you’d like to read the full story of Matt’s trials and blessings, how our customers, friends and family effected our life and our farm, and how God saved the day you can see the full post:
Trials and Blessings in Our Everyday Farm Life

For those that want the gist of it…

  • Matt is feeling unbelievably better. He still needs to be careful.
  • We have hired some help for the summer so Matt can have a reduced workload.
  • He will continue to use essential oils, comfrey poultice and ice.
  • He is feeling grateful for our wonderful customers and God.
  • He is enthusiastic that he can continue to be YOUR FARMER!

If you missed the earlier post telling about Matt’s cow injury you can read Prayers Needed and Farm Update.

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